Meet Pamela

Rediscover your innate power, vitality, and joy

Have you ever questioned

Your Life’s purpose?

You have a deep well of experience and wisdom about who you are and why you’re here.

But perhaps you’ve forgotten.

Our work together helps you remember your unique perspective and gifts and supports you in keeping them front and center in your life.

Through this work, you:

  • learn to embrace your life as a journey of discovery.
  • activate your unique strengths and innate curiosity
  • nurture your emerging self, living ever more fully in the here-and-now

My Philosophy

Our beautiful, shared world is a laboratory of life. I am awed at the outpouring of creativity and resilience that I witness every day. I deeply appreciate our shared human desire for a better world for ourselves, our loved ones, and the bountiful beings that share this time and place with us.

I love this work because it recognizes, and celebrates, our perfect humanity and imperfect practice of humanness—our strengths and foibles, our joys and grievances, our evolution and our setbacks. All of these experiences can teach us, and all can enrich our experience.

Meet Pamela

My career as an advocate, facilitator, and organizer—on behalf of nature and those human practices that promote sustainability, resilience, and regeneration—has been nourished and informed by a parallel exploration and practice of traditional and holistic spiritual and healing modalities.

Over time, my life work has evolved from driving change to nurturing emergence.

My interest in the roots of human health and well-being began with joyous awareness of my somatic expression and a deep love for nature. From a childhood filled with camping, horseback riding, and years as a gymnast, swimmer, and rock climber, I developed lifelong practices of yoga, meditation, and living with intention and connection to each other and our world.

Along this life journey, I have co-created with colleagues, organizations, and communities, exploring issues that challenge us individually and collectively: the soul’s search for meaning, the body’s search for healing and wholeness, and humanity’s search for creating and strengthening connections with all of life.

My explorations into somatic and neurological expressions of emotions and states of being led me to complete my formal training in energy work with the Energy Healing Institute. I am grateful to Jill Leigh and to my colleagues in the program for their inspiration, guidance and camaraderie.

Whenever I can, I head for the hills and mountains near my home in Vermont—or on the travels I am privileged to experience—to restore my enthusiasm by immersing myself in the beauty of the Earth. My life is enriched by my husband and son, who have shown me, patiently and persistently, alternative paths and the peace that comes from deep listening.

Let’s Work Together

I offer both in person and remote sessions.

In Person

In-person sessions are held at my office in Montpelier, Vermont


Remote sessions are held online in the comfort of your own home.

Healing begins with your desire to change, continues on the treatment table, and accelerates when you incorporate the skills into your life, advancing your healing at your pace.