And Why Do It Now?

We live in challenging times. To promote and support the transformation in which humanity is engaged requires that we sustain ourselves, support our resiliency, and clear impediments to our creativity.

Imagine full presence and embodiment, inspiring your beautiful, unique self to live fully and thrive.

How Energy Healing Helps

My clients come to me with emotions they want to transform, patterns they want to release, and relationships they want to resolve, including:

anxiety and fear

anger and frustration

grief and depression

chronic pain and digestive issues

feeling stuck

 doubts about self-worth or direction

 tension with family members

 challenging personal or collegial relationships

join me

to co-create

Resilience: Build the twinned reflexes of hope and awareness, draw on your inherent strength, support what you know–return again and again to your own truth.

Equanimity: Discover where you find deep peace. Uncover the truth that you have everything you need. Nurture your roots in your own sense of place.

Transformation: Turn walls into windows. Unfold the petals of your life. Imagine–envision–then use your attention and intention to launch. There is nowhere you cannot go.


“Thank you for our recent session. And thank you for the thorough feedback and summary, and the skills you offered. It is very helpful to hear you explain how energy healing works in your own words. So many things learned and deepened in our sessions! I feel grateful to have found you as a teacher at this point in my life.”

Naomi S.

Berlin, Germany

“I have been working with Pamela for many months and have gained much wellness and great insights from our sessions. Her approach is very balancing and individualized, I always feel much clearer and lighter from our sessions. Pamela is kind, caring and very talented, I always feel so heard and understood by her. I highly recommend working with her over a period of time as I do see how the sessions build on each other and help me learn more about myself over time. Thank you Pamela!”

Joanie B.

Calais, VT