move from anxiety, confusion and overwhelm to calm, clear and confident.

Energy healing Sessions

Healing begins with your desire to change, continues on the table, and accelerates when you incorporate the skills into your life, advancing your healing at your pace.

Our first step is to clarify your priorities, which define and frame our work together. I offer a personalized intention and treatment strategy, and share skills to support you between sessions. As you engage your evolution, your intention and strategy grow to reflect possibilities revealed through your commitment to ongoing transformation.

How a Session Flows

Our first session takes about 1.5 hours. We start by discussing the work you want to do, and then move right into clearing and balancing your energy.

As you relax and release, I engage with your energy body to shift awareness, clear blockages and inhibiting patterns, infuse radiant energy, and balance your field.

Subsequent sessions are 75 minutes in length and follow a similar pattern of checking in, table work, and a brief closing.

Active Engagement

Clients who are motivated to let go, release, heal and evolve find the process to be supportive and nurturing as they unfold their emerging sense of self.

All of the skills and practices I use can be adapted to allow you to advance your healing between sessions. I will offer you the skills as you are ready to receive and integrate them, moving at your pace.

Session Details

Remote or in-person sessions:

Intake session— $150 (90 Minutes)
Follow up session— $125 (75 Minutes)

In Person

In-person sessions are held at my office in Montpelier, Vermont.


Remote sessions are held online in the comfort of your own home.

New client package: Commit to your evolution and save $75! Intake and two follow up sessions for $350. All sessions must be scheduled within six months of purchase.

Three-session package for existing clients: Save $50! Three 75-minute sessions for $325. All sessions must be scheduled within six months of purchase.


“Thank you so much for our session! It was just what I needed. I left feeling clear and grounded. I had a challenging day at work yesterday and when I came home, I made sure to take time to rest and to do all the skills on the handouts you provided. Thanks again for these helpful tools!  They sure came in handy yesterday and I’ll continue working with them.”

Lindsay H.

Plainfield, VT

“I am very impressed with Pamela’s approach. I feel heard in a way that is different from my experience with other practitioners, and Pamela encourages my questions as I develop an understanding of the skills she is teaching me. I’ve noticed that my voice is clearer and my mind chatter is decreasing—best of all, I have a renewed hope that I can turn my life around.”

Bronwyn S.

Lake Placid, NY

Pamela Hathaway is a certified energy healing practitioner. She does not offer diagnoses of any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition. Energy healing treatments and sessions are not a substitute for appropriate and considered medical or clinical/therapeutic care, though energy healing is often used as an adjunctive resource to allopathic treatment plans.